© 2019 by Daniel Holley


Strength, Together, Forever.

For the preservation and continuation of Life.

From the environment to the economy. From race to sexuality. From dietary choices to gender.

Right now, it can very easily feel like we are living in trying times of the human race. The worst? I doubt it. That's worth a moment to think about.

We, as part of nature itself, have survived so many incredible feats of nature. We have thrived, grown, globalised and prospered. But has everything in Life?

I believe there is no better time than the present for us, the people, to collect our Self, gather our community, raise our expectations and delete this "divisive" mentality. Not just raise up our Self however, but raise up our collective Selves, to understand that we are all here to deliver our very best, for the purpose of individual, communal and global legacy.

Social Cohesion presents

Individual Strength, Brought Together, to

Last Forever.


what is your goal in life?

what are your barriers?

when are you planning on begin?

what is going to be the first step?