© 2019 by Daniel Holley

My name is Dan.

I go, and have gone, by the names "Brown Bear", "Big Black Dan", "Coach", "Pancake" and "The Gentle Giant".

I'm a straight, cis, mixed race, social butterfly.

Sensitive and strong, fun and deep, sporadic and centered, spiritual and rational.

Born in Sheffield - UK, raised in more than one country and does not know how to answer the question, "Where are you from?". I find home where I stand. Currently living in the UK midlands, with a sight on my final landing place. National pride confuses me.

worked as a waiter for 15 years, across several cities in 2 continents. A part time presenter and voice over artist, a short lived YouTuber, and a public speaker. Now a full time coach and mentor to young people all over the country, and aspiring to be a full time pyschotherapist.

Growing up a feminine, mixed race man, I witnessed and experienced prejudice first and second hand. What became evident, was that while I myself was victim of bigotry, prejudice and hate, I was also quite privileged in my upbringing. I became aware that my experience was light compared to that of people close to me, and even far away.

I made it a personal goal and mission, to take on the insidious, poisonous and harmful nature of bigotry, through coaching, speaking and aiding those both in need of empowerment, as well as those in need of enlightenment. Before I die, I want to see bigotry gone in the UK.