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16-18 year olds REACHED:

From 2016, I began working in primary and secondary schools, delivering workshops around science, study skills, motivation, stress management and other relevant topics to support the growth of our future generations.

At first, I followed the rules, and delivered workshops by the book, until I started to notice their response to my coaching questions; my curiousity in what they thought, what they already knew and what they felt about particular topics.

From here, I began designing my own workshops, which include preparation for the working world, figuring out our identity, and practicing a positive and growth mindset.

Over the course of 2 years, I have trained and coached students all over the UK, in Germany and Switzerland.


I received my first Public Speaking recognition at 16 years old, when I was asked last minute to step up in front of a room of strangers for 15 minutes. I didn't win the competition, but a smooth 2nd Place was a low-key signal for what one of my strengths was sure to be.

I was clearly priming my skills through the years of hospitality, not to mention the TV presenting and voice over that filled the cracks of employment, as I broke on the personal development scene. I was quickly thrust in front of audiences as large as 900, as a professional MC and Speaker. Being invited to host a TEDx event, performing in Qatar and being a guest on numerous podcasts.


Now an international co-host of The Purpose Roundtable, I share space with 2 other coaches speaking on Social Cohesion each week.

As well as that, I am invited in to businesses and universities to present the Social Cohesion message to the wider world.

As I like to think a lot of coaches start out, I coached anyone and everyone truly open to being coached.

I learnt on the job, as well as taking official coach training courses, listening extensively to audiobooks, and connecting with people in the industry.

Now, also hired as a professional coach for a successful Further Education company, I have a busy caseload of clients reaping the benefits of their own personal coach.

I am currently working with clients wanting to find out who they really are, wanting to earn more money, wanting to gain confidence in their social life, raise their attitude towards their dreams and invigorating positive mindsets.

Presenting and VO

The first presenting job I had was with HMV: Gamerbase, hosting gaming competitions, reviews and new releases. As relatively regular work, it shone a light on not only what I was good at, but what I really enjoyed. We traveled over England interviewing Voice Actors, Music Directors, Game Directors and, of course, many fans.

My next big presenting role was with Car Throttle, during their earlier days. Now one of the biggest Car Online Communities, they started off reviewing Affordable vehicles for students and young adults. We posted parody music videos, celebrity interviews and unconventional car reviews.

Following this role, I still present and perform Voice Overs freelance.



"Daniel Holley spoke at the last TEDx event that I organised and I could not have asked for a better way to end this year. His enthusiasm and love of learning are eye-opening and truly inspiring. Wherever he is presenting, he will without a doubt light up the stage and bring a smile to everyone’s face." 

Sophie Desert 
TEDx Surrey University President, 2016/17

"Daniel was an incredible host with awesome energy from start to finish. He kindly contacted us pre-event to clarify further details for our intro which was much appreciated. He gave us a very warm and illustrative welcome and he read the energy of the room really well throughout the event. I'm looking forward to working with him in the future!" 

Julia Cameron De Villiers 

Writer, Blogger, Jewellery Designer and Speaker

“Daniel has an incredible unique energy & killer stage presence - he brought so much life & enthusiasm to the Love X event and certainly knows how to work a crowd!” 
Persia Lawson 
Author, Speaker & Love Coach

"It's been a great experience, you managed to share quite a lot of knowledge in a short amount of time which was very impressive. You've quickly identified the core weaknesses and you focused on them. Also, you seemed to be very patient and generally positive thoughout the coaching." 

Web Designer

"I initially chose to work with Dan to grow my confidence in a few areas of my life. He was able to identify patterns that kept putting me in my own way of progress and provided me tools to overcome limitations that kept getting me stuck. Dan provided me the space to explore particular situations. I never felt judged or broken and I always felt more empowered after a session with him. I would definitely recommend working with him if you are serious about your own personal development."


Head of corporate social responsibility

"Daniel is a really natural speaker. He has a gift when it comes to connecting with people, all sorts of different people with different ideas. He manages to create an environment where they feel comfortable to perform to their best standard. He really knows how to break the ice during events in order for there to be a more personal approach between him and the audience and always puts a smile on people´s faces. He also adds humour to hosting events which creates such a relaxed environment and he is a real professional in his work and always delivers to his 100%!"
Sally Alonso 
TEDx Surrrey University Operations Manager. 2016/17

"...he is professional, quick, articulate, funny, attentive, supportive and everything else you want when you know that you have to deliver and deliver well, while flying by the seat of your pants. A joy."

John Marshall
Independent Entertainment Professional

"In the hour I spent with Daniel, I found him to be very open and approachable. He was genuinely interested and let me speak without judgement. We got through a lot in the timeframe, it helps to be as open as possible with yourself when you see him. I highly recommend him."
Al griffith

HACCP Scientist

"I had the privileDge of having Daniel mc at my event! He is a one of a kind, a man with a big heart and the voice to match. Dan has an infectious energy that uplifts everyone around him, loves to laugh and is bound to make your event an even bigger success if you have him along to speak or MC. I have had a number of mc's before Dan and very few can captivate and connect as well as he can!" 
Ollie Trew 
Soul Alignment Coach 

"Wow! I am lost for words. It is such a pleasure to have Daniel part of the eternalovemovement. Daniel is a fantastic MC! He has a beautiful energy and a presents about him. He is very adaptable and knows how to work with the audience and speakers. MC role is incredibly important because they are the link between everyone that brings the event together. Daniel does exactly that and even more. There is something about him that everyone just loves. You rock Daniel and we love you!" 
Brigit Jansoo 

“Working with Daniel on the Speaker ID workshops made me recognise that my old career was creeping into my ability to fully express myself. He was kind in letting me bring my old skills into the session, and ALSO support others!” 

Lisa Williams 
Drama Coach

“I had a pleasure to be a speaker at LoveX event, where Daniel was an MC! I absolutely admire his energy and enthusiasm, as he made MC’s role look easy and effortless. He made us, speakers, feel very comfortable on and off the stage, and under his caring eye the whole event went smoothly and nicely. He has a great sense of humour, and can easily overcome any unexpected situations, that might happen at the event. I am sure it was a memorable event for everyone attending.” 

Olga Frankow 
Speaker, Blogger and Relationship Coach

"Having known Daniel for a short amount of time, he has struck me with a very deep connection in terms of someone that is willing to listen and receive feedback, also he has been very influential in terms of being the voice of our new podcast series. 

He sounds like Jonny Depp, very charming and friendly, able to communicate effectively and present clearly. 

I would highly recommend Daniel for any type of work for facilitation, coaching, training or teaching."

Jono PooN

High-End Leadership Trainer

"Daniel Holley has an amazing radio voice. He was the perfect candidate for us when we were searching for an Intro and Outro voice over for our new Podcast series "Live Your Truth". 

He is also our MC for our 3-day Leadership Event, and he is perfectly suited for the role.

You will not find another charming guy like Daniel Holley, who has a unique blend of power and certainty, combined with a softness through his voice, that really connects with the audience. I can listen to him all day."
Ich Loc

Clarity Coach, Business Start-Up Mentor For Millennials, And Transformational Trainer In Influential Leadership.

"It is not just what you say; it's how you say it. Daniel brings one thing we all enjoy being around, that is fun energy. You can feel his passion and certainty which engages and keeps the audience hooked, I want him at all my seminars." 
“Thank you buddy for your amazing presence on the stage. I was sitting next to a  High Performance Coach and he went 'Oh my god, he is f***ing amazing!'… he was really impressed… 'This guy… is he on TV, is he from TV or something? He’s got TV presence!' so you really impressed, last night!” 
Faisal Khokar 
Speaker, Masculinity and Femininity Coach